Don’t be Quiet - Acknowledge Someone!

You may wonder what does gratitude have to do with business success?

Everything! Gratitude is an abundance-attracting energy.

When one is in a state of sincere gratitude, our energy is one of acceptance and harmony. Putting out this energy attracts additional positive vibrations.

An easy way to express gratitude is through words of acknowledgment or appreciation, it not only makes you and the person you are acknowledging feel good, but it raises the vibration of the whole planet.

I am a big coffee hound and frequent several coffee shops. I see most people wait for their order, pick up their cup and walk out the door. But coffee is special to me and I appreciate the effort and the skill that the baristas put into making my cup of coffee. So before I walk away, I often will take a sip and tell them “thank you, this is delicious”. They are surprised and pleased to receive this acknowledgement of their work.

I started this process of acknowledgement one Thanksgiving. I was feeling down and didn’t have any plans for the day. I meditated and realized that the real meaning of this day was to give thanks – and that to express my own thanks should be my plan of action! At that time I had several health care professionals that I really valued, so I thought why not let them know my appreciation! I drafted a hand-written letter to each person telling them that I was glad they were my doctor, or dentist, or acupuncturist, and that I was taking the opportunity on this Thanksgiving to thank them. My mood lifted and I was glad that I had expressed my gratitude.

So don’t be quiet this week, acknowledge someone!

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